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Audit & Assurance

The importance of Audit and Assurance services to organizations today cannot be overstated. From meeting statutory obligations to giving your stakeholders confidence in your business, routine audit and assurance services has become an inevitable activity for every organization.

At Alfred And Partners, we do not only flag out the problems in your financial statements and internal controls, but we also ensure that we advise you of developments in accounting and auditing standards at the earliest opportunity, so that their impact on your business can be assessed and discussed.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit helps management to understand what the organization’s key risks to success of their strategy are and subsequently then provide assurance that the key controls to managing those risks are sound.

Our Internal Audit approach is agile, helping us to understand all the issues impacting your business and how to provide assurance over those key areas on a regular basis.

We do not just find where attention must be focused, but we also highlight areas that are over-controlled and showing whether too much time and cost is going into a particular aspect of operations without benefit.

Statutory / External Audits

Many organizations are not legally required to undertake an audit, how ever others have a statutory obligation.Whichever the case, External Audit’s role is to provide an assurance that the financial statements presented by the management represent a true and fair view financial position of the organisation.

We adopt a Risk-Based audit approach which blends technical competencies and industry experience with a detailed knowledge of our client’s needs. We obtain an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with each operating cycle and focus more on the riskier areas.

Financial Advisory Services

Sound financial management ensures that your organization is able to meet day-to-day expenses, having enough product on hand to meet customer demand, having enough money in the bank to pay your staff on time and having enough capital ready when your business has the opportunity to grow.

Our financial advisory team is hands on in helping organizations to drive businesses towards favouring strategies with a strong financial underpinning.

In providing Financial Advisory Services, we take it upon ourselves to have a full understanding of our clients’ business, and the environment in which they operate in. This way we are able to propose and implement tailored strategies. .

Bookkeeping & Accountancy

We undertake the actual posting of entries in the accounting system either on client site or at our site in which case the client has to avail the necessary documentation.

At the end of every month,we provide the client with specific reports necessary for management decision making. We also provide detailed management accounts with notes and explanations monthly or quarterly basis as maybe agreed.

Payroll Administration

This is where we undertake the management of client payroll by ensuring that payroll accounting is done accurately and in a timely manner to meet both the client needs and the regulatory compliance requirements.

We also conduct specialized payroll reviews to ensure compliance to the Income Tax Act. We have various specialized local softwares which we use based to the specific client needs.